Staff profile #2 – Ben Moss, one of our senior techs



Ben Feb 2015


Ben’s worked with us for 8 years and 7 days. He lives in Thatcham with his girlfriend, Lyse and their 2 children, Phoebe & Charlie. Here are his answers to our profile questions:

Nickname –  Ben

First car – original Mini

Dream car – Lambo

Waist size – 32″ (ish)

Top car tip – make sure your wipers aren’t stuck to your windscreen in winter

Favourite car part to fit – something I haven’t fitted before

Favourite food – crisps

Best night out – Lee Evans

Love about PR Motors – The team, location and variety of work

Go-kart ranking – 5th

Most surprising thing about me – I spend most of my day on a computer of some sort

Likes – spending time with my family

First child’s first word – Daddy

If I wasn’t a technician I’d like to be a builder


Thanks, Ben…..who shall I pick on next week, I wonder? Keep reading to find out.

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