How to win a free service with us

Would you like your next service to be completely free? Have a go at our competition and it may be.

All you have to do is come and get a PR Motors beanie from us, then take a photo of you or someone else wearing it. The more exotic the location the better. Send us the photo and we’ll put it on our social media. That qualifies you to draw a prize from a lucky dip in our reception.

You may win a can of de-icer, an MOT, a fridge magnet, a bottle of screenwash, a vehicle health check, an ice scraper, your next service or a number of other items.

Here’s the first example. Simon, our final year apprentice, at work this morning at 7.40. We’re hoping you will be a little more adventurous in your venues.

Good luck!

Simon in beanie


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