We take lots of things seriously. Staff training and team meetings are two of them. However, in a busy workshop environment these things become disjointed and are often overlooked or postponed indefinitely. Not at PR Motors!

We run monthly optional training sessions for all staff on every first Saturday. The sessions start with a team meeting over breakfast, move into various seminars, and end with a workshop tidy up and a wrap meeting.

Although the training is entirely optional we have a high take up. Everyone is encouraged to get involved with topics covered and all events are interactive. Not only do the mornings strengthen our team building, but technical knowledge is improved on a wide variety of subjects and we all have some laughs along the way.

Here are a few of the themes we cover:

  • IT – our external IT consultant, Ann Merrick, from Your IT Workplace conducts these
  • Business coaching – Rob Pickering from Action Coach led this one
  • Filing – led by our office administrator, Mary
  • Finance and company structure – led by our FD, Franny
  • Technical online training – using a variety of tools and programs
  • ‘Who is your customer? Interpersonal transactions’ – excellent talk from David Timberlake

If you would like to be involved in running one of these sessions please get in touch.

We are continually expanding and always keen for more expertise and enthusiasm. If you would like to join our team in any capacity, please send your CV to [email protected]