I know we’ve just had the longest day, but the good old British weather means you may still be driving in gloom, or torrential rain, with associated poor visibility. Just this morning there were 2 bad road accidents within 3 miles of us.

Your external lights obviously ensure you can see clearly when you are driving at night or in extreme weather conditions. Just as importantly, they also make sure that you are seen by other drivers – in recent years accidents in bad weather and darkness have grown by more than a massive 80%, and many drivers cite the fact that they didn’t see the other vehicle as the reason they ended up in an accident in the first place.

Faulty lights are also one of the more common faults found by mechanics (all over the coutry – not just in Tidmarsh!) in MOT tests. Headlamp aim is also part of the MOT test. Other road users are often dazzled when the vehicle is full of people, or is transporting heavy items. There is usually a dial, or electronic setting, on or around the dashboard that you adjust to the number of people in the car. This moves the headlight aim to the correct setting and ensures that your lights are illuminating the road sufficiently but not blinding other drivers.

The police can  pull you over if they notice that your lights aren’t working properly. A fixed penalty notice will cost you a minimum of £30 – far more than the price of a car light bulb.

We keep a wide range of all bulbs (headlight, sidelight, brake light, fog, indicator) in stock and can change them while you wait. No need to make an appointment – just pop in.

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