As we are now heading into colder weather, many of you may be thinking about fitting winter tyres to your vehicles. Here are a few facts to bear in mind:

Winter tyres use a tread rubber compound (high silica content) and tread pattern specifically designed to retain flexibility in low temperatures (below +7C) and give good braking/traction performance on snow/ice as well as on wet roads in cold conditions . The sidewall of a winter tyre will be marked with a symbol showing a snowflake or snow-topped mountains.

Winter tyres are not really suited to all year round use though – summer tyres will give better performance when temperatures are higher and roads dry – so two sets of tyres are required if you’re going to choose specialist tyres for winter.

We can fit winter tyres for you and are always happy to discuss the advantages/disadvantages specific to your vehicle/lifestyle and so on. Don’t delay – last year the stocks of winter tyres in the UK fell very low and many would predict the same this year as the snow falls.

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