What not to cut back on in times of austerity

We have noticed a massive increase in the number of people popping in, calling or mailing us asking for a job. Many of these are experienced mechanics who have recently been made redundant, but there are also many school leavers. A sign of the times? 

Many companies and individuals are obviously feeling tightening economic conditions. Some may think now is a sensible time to cut back on routine servicing or other ‘non essential’ work on their vehicles. This may turn out to be a false economy. Well maintained engines are significantly more efficient than those that are not and so fuel costs will be lower. The same logic applies to tyres – keeping the pressure and depths within specification will also lower fuel costs. (to say nothing of the safety implications of running on illegal tyres).

We also recommend 4 wheel alignment if your tyres are wearing unevenly.  A one off payment may well mean your tyres last a great deal longer than otherwise, so in the medium term you will actually save money.

Please feel free to ask us to explain any of the work we do, and its effects on your overall motoring costs.  We always aim to give outstanding customer service, and indeed outstanding value for money.

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