Servicing – why do it and what does it cost?

The AA/Populus Panel survey shows some drivers are cutting back on servicing to save money.

This is a false economy, as more expensive faults may develop. Regular servicing of the engine will make it more efficient and prolong its life.

So, what does a service cost? – Not a straightforward question, actually, read on….

Is your car post 57 plate and diesel?

If so it will be fitted with a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and therefore requires low ash engine oil. This is roughly double the price of other engine oil and so pushes the service cost up. If you don’t use low ash oil it will block the DPF, which can be very expensive to fix.

If low ash oil is used, the cost of a short service is roughly £120+vat, and a full service roughly £240+vat.

If pre 57 plate or petrol, the service cost is lower as the ‘normal’ engine oil can be used. So a short service costs roughly £100+vat and a full roughly £200+vat.

If you require an exact quote we’ll need your mileage and registration. We’ll email or call you within an hour.

Don’t forget if you book an MOT at the same time as any service the MOT fee is reduced to £30.



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