One long party…..

Many thanks to Mary for organising a surprise party with all the team at PR Motors for my (gulp!) 50th. Loads of effort and delicious champagne, cake and party food.  Never had so much fun in my office!

That set the trend for the weekend…..

Well, readers, I married him!

Hornblow wedding

So Franny Mills is now Franny Hornblow……………..

And there’s no stopping us – today we’re shutting at noon until Monday morning for our Christmas lunch (well, the lunch should be finished by about 4pm actually!). Thanks in advance to Ian and his gang at the Four Points, Aldworth. But mainly thanks to our fantastic team here in Tidmarsh – we are so proud of you all and as always really appreciate your professionalism, hard work and smiles. Enjoy the afternoon – you’ve certainly deserved it.

4 Points


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