Nominate a charity for our advent calander

We saw this idea earlier in the week on a national scale and have pledged to match the donations there. Now we’re taking it local too. Please nominate….

As an ‘advent calendar’, we will make a donation to charity each day of advent – £1 on the first day, £2 on the second, £3 on the third………. and then £25 on Christmas Day. We would like you to nominate a charity within our collect & deliver area (5 mile radius of our workshops) and maybe say a few words why. We will draw the charities to determine their day, then make the donation and share the charity to help raise awareness for it.

We look forward to seeing the variety of nominations!

(actually we’d donate £5 for each of the first 5 days…otherwise it seems a bit mean in early December!)

Thank you all.

Charity word cloud concept. Vector illustration on white

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