Light and heavy commercial goods vehicles pass rates: good news and bad

This is from the latest ‘Moving On’, the VOSA publication for HGV  and PSV drivers and operators:

‘HGV and PSV pass rates continued their improving trend in 2011/12.  Last year we tested 414,000 trucks, 225,000 trailers and 82,000 buses/coaches.  More than three quarters of trucks and four fifths of trailers and buses are now passing their annual test at the first attempt.  When minor or relatively easy defects are rectified at the time of test the final pass rate rises to approaching 90%. In VOSA we believe that is good news for us, good news for the industry and good news for road safety.’

But it continues:

‘One group of vehicles however remain of concern: The first test pass rate for the 608,000 light goods vehicles (Class 7s including most N1 category vehicles) stubbornly refuses to improve much past 50%.  For the third year in a row almost half failed at their first attempt and even when minor/easy defects were repaired on-site more than two fifths still failed.’

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