Directors in overalls

This week our blog is from the other of our directors, Roger:

Doesn’t time fly?!

25 years ago, when I was an apprentice, the guys I worked with (who were my age now) used to say ‘you wait til you get to my age – time flies’  At the time I thought it was nonsense, now, of course, I realise they were spot on.

Those of you who have known me and Paul from the start of PR Motors (over 21 years ago) will know what friendly, sociable people we are, and how we used to answer the phone.

Now, of course, we don’t answer the phone. But we do still wear overalls and do ‘spanner work’ everyday. If you need to speak to one of us, we are always happy to talk any customer, show you the parts of your vehicle that have failed, or explain why we recommend something. Just ask.

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