Customer reviews of us on Which?

Thanks to a regular customer who came in specially this week to tell us we have been favourably reviewed in Which? Here’s one of the reviews:

PR Motors have been servicing and MOT-ing our cars (VW and Rover) for several years now and I highly recommend them. They are helpful, punctual and reasonably priced. On one occasion, rather than the usual uninformative and unhelpful approach taken by garages, the mechanic carefully explained exactly what the problem was and that it should be covered under the Manufacturers Warranty so I should go back to VW rather than have it repaired by them at my expense! He was right and I didnt have to pay! PR Motors offer a first class service – including collecting the car from my house for servicing and on one occasion bringing a tyre out to my house and changing it here as I had an irreparable flat tyre! (PR Motors also have some lovely glossy Home and Garden magazines in reception so I am happy to wait there whenever I need a quick repair!)

We hope all our customers feel this way about us.

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