Coil springs

We have anecdotally spotted an increase in the number of fractured coil springs coming in to us.It appears we are not alone – AA patrols  dealt with more than 21,000 breakdowns related to spring failure in the year to the end of January 2011. They attended 25% more failures in January 2011 than same month last year.

This is a MOT fail, but is often noticed by the motorist first anyway. A few of our customers have actually heard the spring break whilst the car is parked outside their house!  Most people ‘blame’ it on the potholes or speed bumps in our local roads or cheaper metal being used.

The real reason, however, is the salt used in winter, which accelerates the corrosion process.

The only thing the motorist can do to help prevent this is regular cleaning underneath the car. (although you should try to avoid potholes if possible too!)

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