Can you name us all?

PR Motors in the Oct sun

Here we are today enjoying the October sun…..we’ve also each come up with a winter driving tip:

Paul (managing director):                             Put PR Motors’ number in your phone

Roger (director):                                              Check the levels

Rob (workshop manager):                           Put a shovel in your boot

Ben (senior technician):                               Check your wipers aren’t frozen to the screen before using

Jason T (senior technician):                       Check lights and tyre pressures

Bobby (soon-to-be MOT tester):                 Make sure your mobile has charge

Simon (year 3 apprentice):                          Get snow tyres

James (year 2 apprentice):                          Check your antifreeze strength

Jason B (year 1 apprentice):                        Put de-icer in your car

Lee (driver):                                                       Put the right key in the ignition (bit of an inside joke there!)

Mary (office administrator):                        Put a blanket and a (hip?) flask in your boot

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