As the weather is turning, I thought a few words on batteries would be timely.

Batteries can die at any time of year but this is more likely in winter when cold temperatures hit car batteries with a triple-whammy:

Battery power output drops

The battery’s ability to accept a charge drops, so it doesn’t recharge as quickly when you’re driving

Electrical load increases – lights, blowers, wipers, heated seats, rear-screen heater etc are all used more

We will check that clamps and connections to the battery are secure and free from corrosion when we service your car. There are some things you can do too:

1. Battery age – if the battery is more than five years old and there’s any sign of it struggling to start the car, get it replaced. We can do that quickly and easily (and confirm it is the battery that you need)

2. Battery load – check that everything electrical is turned off when you park up – even an interior light, boot light, or radio left on overnight can kill a battery when it’s cold.

3. Help the battery – switch off everything electrical and dip the clutch to reduce the load on the battery when you start a cold car.

4. Call us if you need help!

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