Bank holiday motoring

The RAC says up to 14 million MORE motorists may take to the road over the final Bank Holiday weekend of 2015 – and it’s warning drivers to plan ahead and leave as early as possible to try and beat the rush.


It’s all being fuelled by cheap petrol and diesel prices, reckons the RAC. This is encouraging people to plan a road trip and perhaps drive further afield than they otherwise would.

Potential traffic hotspots include:

  • Coastal areas
  • READING and Leeds (because of the music festivals)
  • Overton, Hampshire (because of Chris Evans CarFest)

As a result of all these journeys, the RAC is predicting a busy weekend for its recovery crews. Engine breakdowns are common, said spokesman Pete Williams, “with many cars suffering from ignition coil, head gasket and cambelt issues, along with radiator cooling and overheating problems due to congestion and extended journey times.

“Punctures are also a common reason for call-outs over the August Bank Holiday weekend as a number of cars no longer come with a spare.”


We answer phone calls and respond to emails 24/7, even over the bank holiday weekend. If you are unlucky and need towing to a garage you can come to us, or we can give advice over the phone.

We are open Sat 29 Aug 8.30-12.30, and then re-open Tuesday 1st September at 7.30am.

Happy bank holiday to everyone, especially our excellent and hard-working staff.


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