A few words on tyres

A report published by the AA – “Get a grip” estimates that 1 in 10 British motorists drive with at least one tyre that is illegal. The accepted legal minimum is 1.6mm tread depth, but at this point your tyres are putting you and other road users at greater risk. Independent research shows that worn tyres significantly increase the risk of an accident in the wet.

It is recommended you change your tyres when the tread depth reaches 3mm, which gives 25% better performance, or typically 8 metres of stopping distance in wet conditions at 50mph*, when compared to tyres with the legal minimum of tread.

As part of our standard service we inform you of the tread depths on your tyres (including on the inside edge, which can only be seen when the vehicle is on a ramp).

If your car is not due a service we will happily check your tread depths free of charge while you wait.

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